Questions for the wedding couple:

Why would I want to use this at my wedding?

We know you want your wedding to be the best party ever! Sometimes for guests attending solo, weddings can be intimidating and not as much fun. SinglesTable ensures that everyone has a great time by creating a community for those guests who may not know many others, and encouraging those guests to mingle with one another. And, by creating this community, guests are less likely to ask for a plus one, saving you precious planning dollars! And of course, wouldn’t it be so special if two of your guests found love at your wedding?

How does SinglesTable work?

Here’s a full explanation.

How do I register my wedding?

Just go here and enter in a few details. It takes less than two minutes! Within 48 hours, you will receive your private SinglesTable event code to share with your guests.

Is there a cost to use SinglesTable?

At this time, we are offering SinglesTable to brides and grooms for no cost. Get it while you can!

How do I share SinglesTable with my guests?

Our wedding couples typically share their code on their wedding website, via email or even text! All you need to do is share your six-digit code with your single guests, and tell them to download the app in the app store. So easy!

Questions for single guests:

Why can’t I send someone a direct message?

SinglesTable isn’t your traditional dating app–the purpose of SinglesTable is to encourage real life interaction at the wedding! By browsing other guests’ profiles, you will not only know who is single, but also have some great conversation starters ready to go! One way to interact on the app is to save someone a dance, and if they also save you a dance, you’ll both be notified. You can also chat in the group chat room, which is a great place to plan a singles happy hour during the wedding weekend, coordinate airport rides, etc.

Where can I download SinglesTable?

In the Apple App Store. As of now, our app is only available for the iPhone, but look out later this year for the Android version.

How can I add photos?

When you create your profile, you will be required to add at least one photo. If you’d like to change that photo or add more, tap the menu icon, and then “Edit Profile”. Once you are in the “Edit Profile” screen, just click on any of the six photo squares to add or change a photo.

How can I delete a photo?

You must always have at least one photo, but if you have more than one, a small X will appear in the top right hand corner of each photo thumbnail on the “Edit Profile” screen. Just click the X to delete that photo.

Can I see my own profile?

Tap the menu icon, and then “Edit Profile”. Here you can see all of your profile content and make changes.

How can I change my age, location or job?

Tap the menu icon, and then “Edit Profile”. Here you can see all of your profile content and make changes. How can I leave a wedding?

On the main wedding screen, tap the settings cog in the top right corner to change your wedding-specific information, or leave the wedding.

What happens when I “Save a Dance”?

When you save someone a dance, nothing happens unless that person also saves you a dance. In that case, both you and the other guest will be notified. The other person will not find out that you saved them a dance unless he/she saves you a dance.

Can I un-save someone a dance?

Right now, we do not have the feature built into the app. Fret not; another user will not know that you saves him/her a dance unless he/she saves you a dance. If you feel that un-saving dances is an important feature, please let us know here.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

You need to enable push notifications in your iphone’s settings.
Go to Settings > Notifications > SinglesTable and turn on “Allow Notifications”. This will allow you to be notified if you matched up with another guests, or if there is new activity in the wedding.